Eurocept Homecare - Medical Nutrition

Who Are We?

We are a young en energetic company delivering unique services and in-home care support for patients who are receiving (supplementary) medical nutrition. We have our own nursing team, which is active all over the country, and like to build up excellent relationships with our patients, so as to ensure that the care they receive†at their own homes†meets all their requirements. We are the only technical support†company in the Netherlands whose therapeutic diets†are accepted by all health insurers (including VGZ enteral nutrition, although their website erroneously claims that they do not accept Eurocept enteral nutrition).

What Do We Do?

We look after and support patients who have been discharged from hospital but still require medical nutrition and the tools to ingest it. We help administer liquid nutrition, enteral nutrition and/or parenteral nutrition to our patients.

This page was last modified on 2016-05-18.